Milton Friedman (Nobel Prize,1976) a must read!!

(correspondence of 2001 with Milton Friedman – by Balbir Talwar)

Rahul Rana's Hindi translation of The Law by Bastiat

Sanjeev Sabhlok, IAS (1982-2001: resigned) Co-Founder, India Policy Institute

Only authorized publications on the internet.

Ajay Gandhi, Chartered Accountant. Hyderabad. Co-Founder India Policy Institute

Parth Shah, President, Center for Civil Society, Delhi, Member of the Board, India Policy Institute. a must read!!

Documents specially requested from authors/ publishers

Kaushik Basu, Professor, Cornell University. a must read!!

Friedrich A. Hayek (Nobel Prize,1974) a must read!!

  • "The Use of Knowledge in Society," published in the American Economic Review, Vol. 35, No. 4, Sep., 1945. [PDF format]

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Deepak Lal, Professor, Economics, UCLA; (IFS, resigned) a must read!!

S.P. Aiyar, Ex-Professor, Bombay University

N.C. Saxena, (IAS Retired) former Secretary, Planning Commission. How have the poor done? Mid-term Review of Ninth Plan Published in Economic and Political Weekly, Oct 7, 2000." (PDF, 48 Kb)

Policy reports from Independent Institute

List of books supplied by Liberty Fund to IPI

Documents in the Public Domain relevant for IPI policy discussions (scanned and published on the internet by IPI)

B.R. Shenoy, India’s great liberal dissenter to Nehru’s policies a must read!!

N.N. Vohra, IAS: retired, the then Home Secretary, GOI

Planning Commission, India. Design and Implementation of Programmes, a Chapter on anti-poverty programmes, 2000, by Planning Commssion (PDF, 91.5 Kb)

PAPERS/ ARTICLES/ NOTES sent in by participants and supporters of IPI (alphabetical by last name)

Indrajit Barua Architect, Guwahati a must read!!

Committee for Peoples' Empowerment (Prof. Bharat Shah, IIT, Bombay)

Prabhu Guptara, Professor, Switzerland.

Shahul Hameed, Rep. CII, Shanghai

Yazad Jal, Researcher, CCS

Babu Joseph, President, Liberal Group – Kerala New!

(Speech delivered by Dr. V. Ramachandran, Vice Chairman, Kerala State Planning Board at a meeting organised by Indian Liberal Group Kerala on 16th Dec. 2003 at Trivandrum for an young audience.

Madhu Kishwar, Editor, Manushi, Delhi

Parameswar Komaragiri

Political Corruption – How to Fight it (PDF, 16 Kb)

N. Arvind Kumar, Software engineer

Some common misconceptions about socialism

Barun Mitra, President, Liberty Institute, Delhi

S.V. Raju, Project for Economic Education, Bombay a must read!!.

Jagdiswara Rao, retd. Professor, Geology, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.

Smita Sabhlok, IAS

K.S. Sastry, IAAS (retd. as Advisor to UN/IMF, Chairman, NationalHousing Bank, in rank of Addl. Secy. GOI

Nirvikar Singh, Professor, Economics, UC Santa Cruz a must read!!

Balbir Talwar

Henry Thiagaraj, Managing Trustee, Dalit Liberation Education Trust, Chennai

Venu Gopal, Researcher, NIRD Hyderabad

Miscellaneous Notes/ Readings