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Re: Gujarat tragedy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


A tragedy like Gujarat was waiting to happen. Not because of the
of karsewaks or the vengeance of the Muslim mob. But because criminals on
both sides and in between know that they can get away with murder in India.
Had we hanged a dozen thugs in Bombay in 1992 or a dozen thugs in Delhi in
1984 or in Bhiwadi or Nellie and tens of other places, had we held the
police, the government officials and ministers responsible for the previous
carnages responsible for their failures, the arsonists in Godhra and the
rioters in Gujarat would think hard before embarking on their killing spree.
We have had scores of communal incidents in India in 50 years and hundereds
of commisions to carry out witch hunts thereafter, but not one commission is
ever asked to point out lessons from the mistakes of past and make
recommendations for future prevention. Meanwhile innocent people are burnt
alive and cut to pieces again and again while the police stands by trying to
do the politically correct thing. Human life in India, whether of a Hindu,
Muslim or Sikh remains cheap and expendable.

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