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Re: Why it is important to support Israel!

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


That was very good ! show. How accurate an analysis !
Time to ask Muslems to hug Allah the great and give up the Mullah
self imposed sole selling agent for a product of the 14th century! ?

If God is so dear to them why is it they are always at the receving end.
they live by the Dollars given in exchange for the Black Gold.

How long? till another energy system replaces !

God give them common sense ! Allah hu Akbar ! Let them be given
strength to overcome theri beastial outlook, , Anger, Jelousy, Hate
etc. Only then they Can prove their exclusive Mullah based God
loves them in a special way. !

Sairam Sathyam

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