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Re: Sept. 11 is the happiest day of all!

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

[Moderator]: a better way to argue this is that Gandhi stood for
Indians....Mr. Mabus's point may have been precisely this - why don't
Indians speak out about the Indians that are being butchered and
discriminated around the world....including USA....as I have been saying
there are many patriots on this forum....we just need to choose what we say
carefully and say it.

Hi Mabus,
You have come up with a new philosophy that people who are against the
killings, are non patriots. If you call them as people with no self-esteem,
than I guess you will also categorize Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King
as boot-lickers.

Well, racism starts with stereotyping all people as one, just because they
were born in a certain place. You need to look at the whole matter more
philosphically. I believe Sep.11 as one other tragedies like many other
around the world. Imagine how Indians would have reacted if we were the most
wealthiest nation in the world and the most advanced nation in terms of

I am sure we Indians will air a superior attitude when we are going to a
much smaller country. About your friend being raped, do you think rape does
not take place anywhere around the world. Well, Americans are not gods. They
are just human beings with all the flaws inherent in humans. For your
benefit and others, please stop inciting the anti sentiments into other
naive souls.
Shanthi Subashchandran

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