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Gujarat tragedy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Events like this one, where scores of innocent men, women, and children, are
murdered, makes me very worry about the country's future. It is amazing how
easily people kill. Over 50 people have been burnt to their deaths in a
railway coach, when a mob set it afire.

This is a time when no revenge should be unleashed. The perpetrators of this
most heinous crime should be punished, and the governments of both the Union
and the states' should make sure such an event is never repeated again. The
VHP should stop inciting hatred, fear, and distrust, and must offer
themselves towards nation-building.

Does it really matter if there was a temple there five centuries ago? I
thought God was omnipresent. Cannot a greater shrine be built somewhere
else? Why should innocent people be made to pay for crimes committed by
foreign invaders centuries ago?

As Hindus are the majority in India, it is the duty of every Hindu to
protect the minorities from any kind of persecution or harassment. It is a
Hindu's duty to see that they in no way feel out of place in this country.
The greatness of India lies in our diversity. We have shown that the most
diverse people can co-exist remarkably well for the last 50 years. We have
to carry on as one Nation for the next 5000 and more.

What next? Will the VHP and the Shiv Sena indulge in mass slaughter tomorrow
morning? God save my country!

Navin Kadambi

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