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Re: Mr. Ashish should respect....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


As is known, India has had NAM association since Nehruvian period. 
If you trace back in time and read India's foreign policy of the 
times, you would realize that it was the need of the hour for 
India to be in neutral position. India had its bag full of 
internal concerns to cope up with; education, communalism and 
cessationist movements all over the place to name the few. There 
is no denying of Nehru's socialistic bent (which to some extent 
explains India's Russian association) but do you think India had 
resources to support what could have turned into open war between 
the blocs of the world? No!!! So while indeed there were two blocs 
(America and Russia..rather liberalism and communism), yes, 
"India's struggle was unique" (more local than global), hence 
India's stance on NAM. It meant neutrality to the lust of imposing 
own ideologies on other nations. If we are to trust history, then 
remember that US support to India was conditional (support for 
Vietnam war etc.) whereas Russia's support was more due to 
ideological reasons (India was (is)socialist country). India 
needed economic support but it was in best interest of India to be 
away from these "war-mongers", if you will.

Things have changed now. Russian collapse, American economic 
supremacy (should anybody doubt that?), terrorism problems India 
faces and possible use of American influence to curb the same, 
statistical evidences of the success of liberal societies do 
suggest that India gets associated with this and such countries. 
That also explains India's recent foreign policies. That is, 
indeed, in our national interest TODAY. Of course, utmost care has 
to be exercised in building such association knowing the peculiar 
structure of Indian society but that can be discussed in separate 


On Wed, 27 Feb 2002 srinupi@yahoo.com wrote :
>Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and 
>propagate it!
>I do not think you have understood me correctly....India doesn't 
>view the
>world as US vs Russia (that is the American paradigm) - it never 
>did and
>never will.  Indian struggle is unique and unless you come to 
>terms with
>what that is, I suggest that you respectfully not defile Indians 
>referring to yourself and us as "we the Indians should...."  It 
>is very much
>clear that you are NOT Indian!

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