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RE: Mabus on Daniel Pearl - message moderated

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


We are all too sorry for the Gujarat, Kargil, and the Orrisa tragedies. And
we did what we could to help them. Sure the West may discriminate us: I
don't deny the veracity of that. But what I object to is that as Indians it
is unbecoming of us to applaud an act of terrorism. When innocent men,
women, and children die, how could we glorify that? Would you have gone into
a school or a resturant in America and killed innocent people?

The only way to get over this is: Instead of cribbing how others' treat us,
we should work on the problems at home. Make this country the jewel of the
world: make everyone look up to India and her achievements. Just a few hours
ago over 50 people were killed in Gujarat when a mob set fire to a train
compartment. We have to deal with terror wherever it occurs; make the law
prevail; and build a just, equitable, and prosperous society.

You seem to be new to this forum. Why not wait and read (listen) to others
for a few days? You will discover that we all are patriots; all of us want
to see India great. We have something in common here. Why not see how best
you can contribute to this forum and the country?

Navin Kadambi
121, Dickenson Road
Bangalore, India

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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


You know nothing about me! However, I understand your point and
will try to abstain from making such remarks.

My friends have suffered in countries like Australia, UK and US.
 From my own experience, one female friend was raped in US, while
another male lost his kidney in Australia. I myself lived in
Melbourne because I was like other bloody Indians worshipping
western culture. Luckily, I never faced any problems.

That's not all. I am the youngest novelist in this country. My
debut novel, DOCTOR OF DARKNESS, was published in CANADA, not
India. Do you know how painful that is? I hate West, yet I have to
publish the damn book there! It was because Indians were busy
pleasing foreign writers.Those third-rate writers were rejected in
their own countries. So what happened? Very simple. They all
placed their works in India, because spineless Indians are only
too willing to impress them. Even a great publishing house like
Harper, mind you! WHat happened to Indian dignity? No wonder, no
Indian boy wants to become a writer or an artist. I am probably
the youngest ever in the history of Indian literature, not because
I am a great guy. It is because we are digging our own graves, so
no Indian has the confidence.

Instead of feeling sorry for America, let Indians feel sorry for
Earthquake victims/Kashmir casualities and the likes.

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