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Re: Non-violent movement needed around the world

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


--- Ashish Hanwadikar <ashish_hanwadikar@yahoo.com>
> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it,
> and propagate it!
> IPI_Marker
> Hi Rajiv,

> What do you expect from Israel? First, all the
> neighboring Arab nations
> like Egypt, Syria, Jordan attack Israel thinking
> that with Russian
> weapons they can easily eliminate Israel. Then what
> a surprise? Israel
> uses US Airplanes to bomb the hell out of these
> communist-Islam
> combination. And guess what happens? Israel captures
> Gaza, Golan
> Heights, West Bank etc. And now that they have lost
> the war what does
> Palestinians cry? 

According to your logic U.S.A should hold on to many
territories, e.g, Afghanistan, Kuwait, parts of Iraq,
anything. Also, there is no similiarity with the
Kashmir situation. After the Pakistani invasion of
1947, the maharaja of Kashir acceded to India legally.
Indian forces were sent to Kashmir only after he
signed. That implies India went to Kashmir to protect
its territory. I am disturbed by some people's
propensity to equate India with Israel these days.
India never invaded nor occupied others lands. India
treats its minorities better than anybody. A minority
person has as much chance to succeed in India as
anybody else. 
Coming back to the war of 1967 - Israel had the right
to defend itself and it had to do what it had to do.
But, there has to be a plan to withdraw from the
occupied territory. Israel has shown no intention of
doing that. Even if they are willing to give the
Palestinians a part of it, they try to sabotage it by
taking measures that would make the Palestinian
sovereignity meaningless. Then there are other factors
that the western media do not tell us and make them
seem inconsequential. At the time of the creation of
the state of Israel, more than 70% of the Palestinians
fled. They became refuges overnight. What will be done
about them? According to the international laws either
they should be able to come back or they should be
given reparation money. But if they come back then the
demographics in Israel will change drastically; which
by the way, will happen in next 30 years anyway. What
will happen to Jerusalem? It was annexed in 1967 as
well? Will Israel apologise to the Palestinians for
making them homeless? A true reconciliation will
involve many big and small issues that neither Israel
nor Arafat seem to be willing to deal with. Israeli
soldiers oppress and humiliate Palestinians every day
in the occupied territory. Does the 1967 war justify
that? This oppression goes back much farther than the
Intifada which was launched 1.5 years back. So what
gives? There is another thing that needs to be pointed
out. It's beneficial for the Israelis and the west in
general to club Palestinians together with the Arab
states. Somehow that puts Palestinians in even worse
light. The Arab states have their own agenda; and not
all Palestinians live in Arab states. Many of them are
in Europe and North America. Heck, some of them are in
India. If anything, they remind us of the Jewish
people of yesterday when they were scattered around
the world and were persecuted every where other than
in India. I am baffled to see their lack of sympathy
for Palestinians given that fact. I guess oppressed
become oppressors when they have the chance.

- Rajiv

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