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Re: Mr. Ashish should respect....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Ashish Hanwadikar wrote:

>This is not true. Americans were not arrogant about India's struggle in
>the region. It was India's support of the Russia that caused the

Actually, it was the same thing then as it is now - if you are not with us,
you are against us. Non alignment was probably one of the few sensible ideas
of Nehru.

>How do you expect Americans to react when they know it was
>Russia that supported Arab countries like Syria, Jordan and Egypt
>attacking Israel while India continue to pursue the policy of

Surely you are not naive enough to believe that it was US's support for the
Israeli cause and USSR's opposition of the same that caused the trouble
between the two superpowers?

>Non-alignment with what?

Non-alignment with either of the two blocs that dominated the world at that

>Neutrality to what?

Non-alignment was not neutrality. It was a doctrine that stated that our
position on international issues would be decided by what our morality and
self-interest dictates and *not* by the decree of either of the

>to crime and butchering of innocent civilians?

Oh puhleeze! As if all countries don't do that at one point or the other.
Whatever the practical aspects of NAM were, don't try to make it out as a
morally deficit policy.

>Nonsense! I think
>socialism in India is not just an economic failure but much more than.
>We have unknowingly contributed to expansion of Communism in the World
>because of our association with Russia, and North Korea. We need to
>realize is that just because India itself is poor does not mean we can
>ignore what our Communist friends did to other people in the World.

A] India is *not* poor. Not rich, but not poor either.
B] What about all the things our Capiltalist friends did - should we ignore

>>Forget about what happened in the Past. We have made our share of
>mistakes. We need to declare our unequivocal support of US position
>against Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

Why do we need to do all that?

>And we need to trade more with US.

I am not aware of anyone ever saying no to that idea.

>Actually, Americans must be wondering how come India with its rich
>tradition, secular democracy and free press wound up in the Russian

Americans might very well be wondering that, but apparently, a lot of
americans are insular and not *too* aware of what is happening outside their
country. Had they been more informed, they would have known that India was
never in the Russian camp.

>We, the Indian people, need to do our part in not making
>irresponsible statement against US. It is okay to critisize US foriegn
>policy but you have to keep in mind the context.

And the context is...???

>Stop making stupid
>comments on US saying that it is racist, they hate us, they are selfish
>and what else! And we need to stop supporting stupid socialist
>Europeans trying to constrain US under the name of Kyoto protocol or
>IBM Treaty or opposing building Missile Shield by US. And expect
>handsome reward of not only weapons to protect us against China and
>others but also lot of cooperation in trade and environmental areas.

Okay, Americans are not racist, they love India and Indians and they are the
most altruistic people on the earth. What difference does this make? They
are still what they are - normal humans with flaws and they still don't care
much about the fate of Indians. Which is as it should be. What you seem to
forget Ashish is that there is no country in the world today to which a
blanket label of 'Good' or 'Evil'' can be honestly applied. US is strong and
powerful and would like to remain that way. It would be good to have more
help from the US, but not if the price is a total kow-towing to their
policies. What is good for America is not necessarily good for India. What I
find surprising is your conviction that all we have to do is kiss the US's
posterior and the Big Brother would make the world alright for us. Real life
doesn't work that way.

Also, in another post you made a comment - 'They [muslims] fail to
acknowledge the superiority of the western culture..'
Since I also fail to recognise any such thing, I was wondering if you could
tell me how exactly is the western culture superior.


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