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RE: Sept. 11 is the happiest day of all!

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Hallo Mabus,

Have you sir, ever been to America? You'll find racist people
everywhere--even in India. African students here are treaded with contempt.
Indians are as racist as you can get. They are so colour-conscious.

I think you need not get to so worked up here. All countries work on one
principle: "How does it benefit me?" Foreign policy is based on that: if I
support a country (and its cause), will it benefit me; shall I be secure for
the next 30 years? How is it going to affect the economy back home. These
are the things that go thro' foreign-policy makers' minds. They don't think
about the colour of the people they are dealing with. That is one reason why
hot-heads like yourself are bad for foreign policy.

Look at India as a nation. We have surrounded by people with whom we have no
connexion. There is no parity in faith, race, language, or political system.
What is best for India and her security? Supporting Iraqis, Taliban, and
Palestinians? They are the same people who would not think twice to bomb our
Parliament. Should the Indian foreign-policy makers get all worked up with
blind prejudices (that you are so full of) and start making anti-west
policies. "Did you hear that some people in America treat Indians bad, so
let's be anti-West"!

The content of your arguments are so immature, shallow, and vain. You really
have to understand how countries and their governments work. You have much
work to do.

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