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Re: Beautiful article by former director of CIA

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


The author of the article has cited a "cool" example to bring out 
the analogy. However, while most western audience may be 
illusioned into believing that America is one such marshal on the 
world stage, we Indians, with over 900 movies releasing in India 
every year, almost all of them driving the same point, I believe, 
are better judge than anybody to know that although it makes an 
entertaining (or otherwise) movie, it hardly makes practical 
In international arena, ultimately what matters is national 
interest. All nations pursue their own interest and all diplomatic 
statements are toward that end. Just as we dont see real-life 
"marshals", we could not think of America as crusader for eternal 
worldly peace. No nation does anything for other. As far as peace 
is concerned, it comes by balance of power, whichever way it is; 
one of which is desirable, other is not.


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