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Re: Muslim world is the poorest, most illiterate, most backward

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Hi Mabus,

> You seem to hate Muslims, but I think they are MORE patriotic than
> Hindus.

I agree with you. Muslims are MORE patriotic than Hindus. Sure!
Why we are so obsessed with comparing patriotism of Hindus vs Muslim?
Even if it is proved somehow that Muslims are less patriotic than
Hindus or vice versa what are we going to do with that information!
Come on! Don't repeat the Cliches.

> On the other hand, thousands of Muslims offered support to the
> government,
> and wanted Vajpayee to attack Pakistan.

Did they whispered their support for attack on Pakistan in your ears!
Come on! Get real!

I am against Muslim and Hindu fundamentalism. I am against the concept
of salvaging the lost pride by attacking innocent citizens and
terrorism. What Hindus did in Ayodhya and what Taliban did to Statue of
Buddha in Afghanistan is not much different. In each case historical
injustice is being cited to justify attack on the symbols of past
insults. It is purely symbolic. That's all. Thousands of people behave
like Medieval Savages killing innocent citizens. It is not only wrong
but it is precisely the reason why we have not progressed. We have to
undestand that Western Civilization flourished because of protestant
revolution and separation of church and state. The reason is religion
is good at a personal level and even at a community level. However, as
a basis of state is useless. And past historical injustices are not a
justification for further injustices.

> You are jumping to conclusions.

What was the conclusion that I jumped to?

> So what if Muslims are uneducated? It
> is
> goodness of the heart that matters, not erudition or power.
Huh! What should I say? I give up!

Ashish K Hanwadikar

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