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Mabus on Daniel Pearl - message moderated

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
[Moderator]: Hello Mabus....I have read your message on Daniel Pearl and
what you have said doesn't serve India's interest in the least.  I fully
understand your position that many 1000s were butchered in Kashmir and you
are trying speak as loudly as you can about India's struggle.  If you want
to speak for India then please take a moment and think about what you are
saying and how you are saying it.  Indeed, you are frustrated as to why are
all the Indians not caring about India and its struggle and making a big
fuss about America.  I understand your anxiety and I feel there is a better
way of saying what you are trying to say.  There are many Indian Patriots on
the forum and they have presented their points very well in the past.

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