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Re: Non-violent movement needed around the world

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Hi Rajiv,

> According to the best peace proposal, Palestinians
> would get about 24% of the occupied territory. And
> that territory is not contiguous. It will be comprised
> of many islands surrounded by Israeli settlers in the
> rest of the territory. 

What do you expect from Israel? First, all the neighboring Arab nations
like Egypt, Syria, Jordan attack Israel thinking that with Russian
weapons they can easily eliminate Israel. Then what a surprise? Israel
uses US Airplanes to bomb the hell out of these communist-Islam
combination. And guess what happens? Israel captures Gaza, Golan
Heights, West Bank etc. And now that they have lost the war what does
Palestinians cry? Help! Please Help us! We are the oppressed. Never
mind that the PLO charter still calls for complete elimination of
Israel. They steadfastly refuse to recognize the statehood of Israel.
They did not agree to the partition of Palestinian area into state of
Israel and rest of the Palestine according to UN resolution passed in
1947. They do not accept peaceful solution and attack countries who
accept it. Their land gets captured and then they cry for help. This is
the same tactics used by Pakistan against India. They attacked us each
time (total 4 times) we extended our hand of friendship to them. We
captured their terrority but we returned them. What do we get in
return? Terrorism! Stab in the back.

It was this blind belief that these people want peace and given their
terrority back they will learn to live in peace with neighbors that has
created Kashmir problem for India. India was stupid to return the
territory to Pakistan. We should have kept it. 

Remember this very carefuly Islamic extremists like PLO do not want
peace. They will not be contended with the returned land. They want
complete elimination of Israel and other non-muslim nations. That's it!
Russians and other communists are helping these people to do that
because they hate freedom, and they hate capitalism. That's why they
justify these terrorist in the name of poverty. You see what is going
on here? That's why George Bush calls North Korea (Communist Nation),
Iran and Iraq (Muslim Nations) an axis of evil. He is absolutely right.
Without the support of communist nations this level of Islamic
extremism would never have been possible. Now that Russia is
disintegrated and is not capable of doing anything to US, China begging
US to take it into WTO, these Islamic extremists are completly exposed
and have nowhere to run. Without the support of Communists entire Arab
world is at the mercy of US. Most of European nations like Germany do
not have any military at all. UK supports US fully. Except socialist
country like France there is nothing to combat US. Japan is toothless
and comes under Nuclear Umbrella of US. 

Arab princes cannot keep themselves in power in their country without
deflecting anger to US. The same goes with communists and socialist
countries like France, China, Russia. To cover the excesses of
communism, to cover the failures of communism and socialism it is very
easy to call wealthy America and its capitalism as the root cause of
world's problem. Islamic countries (most of them have dictatorship)
want to hide their failure. The people in their country are oppressed.
To avoid the revolt these people simply deflect the anger to US. That's
it. Add a lot of jealousy and you get terrorism. 

But one thing these people forget. The reason Russia disintegrated is
not because it was less powerful than US. They had lots of superior
weapons. But the lack of internal freedom in Russia means constant
struggle. Constant agony. Not only you have to fight against US all
over the world but you have to keep your own people in check. No
elections. No free press. Lots of corruption. Huge inefficiency. With
the military power divided between controlling thier own people and
fight wars they are almost guaranteed to lose. The same goes with
China. The same goes with Arab countries. They are losing because of
their ineffiencies, the lack of internal freedom. 

The same reason former socialist India want to liberalize. Wants to
join WTO. It is impossible to micro-manage 1 billion people. The huge
inefficency and corruption will kill you. Then India goes with begging
bowl to IMF and World Bank. It is this continously bailing out by IMF
and World Bank has generated this arrogance against America. People do
not realize how bankrupt their Govt. are! Most of the state Govt. in
India are bankrupt. The central fiscal deficit is huge and expanding.
India needs trade with US more deseparately than US needs with India.
There is no doubt about it. Instead of acknowledging this fact
policiticians in countries like India talk of Western Imperalism (and
simulatenously going to the same countries for help). I think it is
high time that we stop crying and blaming US for our problems. Let's
accept the fact that we are not powerful. We are not powerful not
because we are not good but because we are inefficient. That
inefficiency is because of socialism, communism and obsession with
issues like religion, caste etc. We are mentally living in Medieval
ages. Only way to get out of this situation is to recognize and accept
the superiority of capitalism, democracy,  technology, secularism, and
trade. Do these things and we should be as wealthy as US and other
western countries. Hong Kong, Singapore and Ireland have shown that. 

Ashish K Hanwadikar

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