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Re: Non-violent movement needed around the world

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


A non-violent movement is working around the world and now it has its
presence in 105 countries with over 3 million members+supporters.
It exists in India also and is growing steadily.
It is Humanist Movement ( http://www.humanistmovement.org ,
http://huwhumanism.org ) .
Have a look and you may find something that you were searching for.
It is working for a simultanous Personal and Social transformation in
all walks of personal and social life.

"Rajiv K. Shukla" wrote:
> IPI_Marker
> --- NavinK@Gafri.com wrote:
> >they
> > (Israelis) have been tortured and killed throughout
> > the ages. They have now
> Jewish people were persecuted by white European
> christians for ages.
> > come together as one nation and people, and they
> > will do anything to protect
> > that. But they are democratic and believe in the
> > rule of law. And they would
> > (with the help from other countries) given up the
> > occupied lands, had Arafat
> > carried a dove in his hat, instead of a hawk.
> According to the best peace proposal, Palestinians
> would get about 24% of the occupied territory. And
> that territory is not contiguous. It will be comprised
> of many islands surrounded by Israeli settlers in the
> rest of the territory.
> >
> > I may not agree with Gandhi's idealism; but his
> > non-violent means achieved
> > us Independence. Let no Indian ever forget that.
> Most Indians do not believe that for a second. As for
> myself, I am ambivalent. I respect Gandhi-ji
> tremendously but I do find no evidence that he scrared
> the British away.
> >
> > Sure both the parties in Ireland are white; well
> > both partied in
> > Palestine-Israel are Semitic (all children of
> > Abraham).
> No my friend. Most Israelis are/were white Europeans,
> it doesn't matter what were their historical origin.
> They couldn't be more different from the Palestinians.
> >People will fight
> > over the smallest difference they have. But my point
> > is this: it may be
> > slow, but non-violent means achieve lasting peace
> > with no scars and
> > bitterness on either side.
> You are idealistic. In an ideal world that would
> probably work all the time. In the real world, where
> men are no more than talking beasts, it rarely works.
> Whenever it does, it cost you a hefty price too.
> - Rajiv

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