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Re: Non-violent movement needed around the world

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


--- NavinK@Gafri.com wrote:

> (Israelis) have been tortured and killed throughout
> the ages. They have now

Jewish people were persecuted by white European
christians for ages. 

> come together as one nation and people, and they
> will do anything to protect
> that. But they are democratic and believe in the
> rule of law. And they would
> (with the help from other countries) given up the
> occupied lands, had Arafat
> carried a dove in his hat, instead of a hawk.

According to the best peace proposal, Palestinians
would get about 24% of the occupied territory. And
that territory is not contiguous. It will be comprised
of many islands surrounded by Israeli settlers in the
rest of the territory. 

> I may not agree with Gandhi's idealism; but his
> non-violent means achieved
> us Independence. Let no Indian ever forget that.

Most Indians do not believe that for a second. As for
myself, I am ambivalent. I respect Gandhi-ji
tremendously but I do find no evidence that he scrared
the British away.

> Sure both the parties in Ireland are white; well
> both partied in
> Palestine-Israel are Semitic (all children of
> Abraham). 

No my friend. Most Israelis are/were white Europeans,
it doesn't matter what were their historical origin.
They couldn't be more different from the Palestinians.

>People will fight
> over the smallest difference they have. But my point
> is this: it may be
> slow, but non-violent means achieve lasting peace
> with no scars and
> bitterness on either side.

You are idealistic. In an ideal world that would
probably work all the time. In the real world, where
men are no more than talking beasts, it rarely works.
Whenever it does, it cost you a hefty price too.

- Rajiv

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