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Sept. 11 is the happiest day of all!

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Personally, I feel Americans deserved the Sept. 11 attack. They antagonised
everyone, and so they paid the price. It is the law of cause and effect: you
commit a crime, you do time!

The amazing thing is, all Indians feel sorry for Yanks! It goes on to show
we have lost all spine. The Westerners hate us, they have abused us,
insulted us a thousand times. And yet, we worship them as though WESTERNERS
would feel sorry for us if, say the TAJ MAHAL were bombed. They treat us
like dirt, so we should all thank those Muslims for destroying not only WTC
but America's arrogance.

The Sept. 11 attack was just a SMALL compensation; that is all. It is
Nature's way of upholding justice-justice for all people who have died in
Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia and other Communist and
Islamic nations.

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