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RE: Arundhati Roy on Juriprudence

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--- NavinK@Gafri.com wrote:

> Mahatma Gandhi, more than 50 years ago, showed that
> non-violence works. And
> Rev. Martin Luther King showed that non-violence
> when applied to
> civil-liberties movement works. If the Palestinians
> leaders had taken this
> path, all problems would have been resolved long
> ago, with no hatred in
> anyone's heart.

Obviously you have too much faith in Mahatma's
methods. Be that as it may, I'd just like to remind
you that Palestinians lost their LAND to the Israelis.
Their movement is a tad bit more than 'civil
liberties' movement.  Moreover, Mahatma's methods work
if the opponent has some sympathy for your cause at
some level. The opponent has to agree, however
grudgingly, that you have the moral authority.
Israelis have shown they are incapable of doing that,
except for may be some fringe left wing intellectuals.
They have effectively and systematically dehumanised
the Palestinians for decades. Mahatma's methods do not
work with such an opponent.

>But no: Arafat took up the gun (and
> still carries one about
> his person),--and look what happened. The same is
> true for Northern Ireland;
> the same is true for all "freedom" struggles around
> the world.

Northen Ireland, today, is hardly the same. Here we
are talking about two white christian communities,
both having  equal rights to their land. The question
is whether it should ultimately be integrated with the
Republic of Ireland or should it remain separate and
be a part of the British Union. If we went back 500
years or more, then, of course, things would have been
different. Then they should have kicked out the
protestant people coming over from England and
Scotland and taking the land out of the hands of the
native Catholic people. But, today one cannot go back
centuries to make things right. They have to share
that piece of land and come to terms with each other.

> If Israel shoots unarmed Palestinians (protesting
> peacefully) asking for a
> homeland, the very next day the world would have
> crushed Israel into
> submission; but not now. 

Israel has done just that for more than 50 years.
'World' a.k.a UN has passed plenty of resolutions
condemning that. Nothing has happened.

>Frankly many world leaders
> have lost all sympathy
> for Arafat and his mob. 

Arafat has done Israel more favour than anybody else.
He has given Israel, the world and people, such as
you, the excuse to cry foul and belittle the entire
Palestinian people. 

>You take up the gun, get
> ready for death; 

Are you saying that the Indian armed revolutinaries,
who died fighting the British, deserved death? Are you
suggesting that the people who fought for the U.S war
of independence from the British empire deserved

- Rajiv

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