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RE: Arundhati Roy on Juriprudence

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You really need to get your facts checked on the Palestine question. The
Palestinian people have been denied legitimate rights for the last century.
don't want to comment on the use of terrorism, except to say that a
community that has been denied nationhood and even a right to identity is
unlikely to remain perfectly peaceful and compliant throughout its

There are (or were until about 2 years ago) a number of moderate
Ariel Sharon's exercise of military power adn his posturing on the
palestinians almost certainly led to giving the extremist factions the upper
hand. Which was probably a strong calculation on his part, since the
international community would not accept it post 9/11. So Yasser Arafat has
been denied travel rights (up until now at least), Israel bombs the security
forces that are supposed to administer Israel's demands, Palestinian people
are prevented from access to water or growing crops, the Palestinian
is not given acess to foreign aid for administration of Palestinian
territories, and people can't leave the place they live in.

I think you should maybe think about living in such a situation before you
consider putting a rose in an isreali gun.

Kartik Ramachandran

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