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Afghan Children Sold in Pakistani Slave Auctions

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           The Boston Phoenix just published a first-hand report on
        Pakistan's growing slave trade in Afghan refugees.  Girls are
        used for sex, boys for manual labor.  Writer Andrew Bushell
        describes the auction of one adolescent girl: "About 15 minutes
        into the bidding, one of the buyers asks for an inspection.  The
        elderly woman removes the girl's tunic, fingers the child's
        breasts, and then shines a flashlight into her open mouth to
        show that she has a good set of teeth..."  Click on the links
        below to read Bushell's full report.

        => iAbolish: The Anti-Slavery Portal
        => Anti-Slavery Update - Feb. 21

        1. "Pakistan's Slave Trade"
            - Andrew Bushell, Boston Phoenix

        2. "Sale of Children Thrives in Pakistan"
            - Andrew Bushell, Washington Times

        3. "Lifting the Veil on Taliban Sex Slavery"
            - Time Magazine

        4. "Afghan Girls on Sale for 100kg of Wheat"
            - News International

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