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Re: Arundhati Roy on Juriprudence

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


> If you see striking similarity of "dissent" then it
> is exactly that!
> Dissent without direction, without any clearcut
> alternative! These
> people are so anti-west that they are completly
> blinded by hate.
> Anything that challenges principles of western
> civilization causes
> cheers among them! Even if it means the absurdity of
> justifying Taliban
> and deliberate attack on innocent civilians! 

'West' created may problems for India. Your 'west'
flourished at the expense of India and other Asian
countries. Do not forget that. Some people are more
sensitive to that fact than the others. Even today we
deal with their selfish double standards all the time
in all sorts of areas, such as, being told not to
punish Pakistan, unfair WTO deals, unfair patent laws,
unfair non-proliferation treaties, racial
discrimination, etc.

> > 
> > I think there is a need to understand the deeper
> implications of
> > "People
> > rarely win wars,
> > governments rarely lose them". What she means to
> say is that people
> > rarely
> > want wars and that once in war, whatever the
> outcome of the  war,
> > it's
> > invariably the people who lose. Nobody is trying
> to justify
> > talibansim here
> > but intellectuals should understand that
> "civilized" governments like
> > America's cannot practice talibanism to other
> countries.
> > 
> Utter nonsense! "People rarely want wars!" Which
> people? The
> palestinian people? Do they want peace? Or the
> people who killed each
> other during partition of India during independence?
> Or the people who
> brought down the disputed structure in Ayodhya? Look
> at the
> pronouncement made by Muslim clergies at the Hajj!
> Do they want peace?
> Where are you living? In the caves in Afghanistan?
> The people who fight
> in the wars actually are not "people" according to
> you or what? Or do
> they come from some other planet? How can wars
> happen without some
> people wanting them? 

The Palestinians are the most discriminated against
community in the world in the last 50 years. They
deserve justice. How can they get justice? It hasn't
happened in the last 50 years. It probably won't
happen without more bloody conflicts. Even then it may
not happen. It's insulting and insensitive to suggest
that they don't want peace. Who's going to give them

Also, you are taking the words too literally. Most
people DO NOT want war. It's too painful in many many
ways. Suggesting otherwise would be stupid.

- Rajiv

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