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Hi Sadashivan,

IMHO the core reason of poverty anywhere is lack of
initiative from those who are poor.
In developed nations where an individual enjoys a
great degree of freedom to work and change his
condition it is clear that most of the people who are
poor are so because of lack of initiative to change
their conditions.
In countries like India which have followed the
socialist doctrine the state contributes to this by
making it impossible for a person with initiative to
change his condition by reducing the things that can
be done legally - resulting in brain drain and

Now coming to the link of terrorism with poverty -
there is none. Terrorism today is purely a result of
altruistic philosophy and stifling of initiative. When
people are not free they will revolt - mostly

So IMHO reason for poverty and terrorism is the same
but they have no relationship with each other.

While we are on poverty I think that poverty is not at
all related to literacy rates or population density.
It is always linked to the level of freedom an
individual has to work, produce and keep the results
of this production (wealth), and all of these are
restricted in communist, socialist and mixed

BTW I found this comment on your website:"Nearly 20%
of world population in the developed nations, consume
80% of world goods." 
This just ignores that these 20% people also produce
80% of the goods - either directly or indirectly.

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