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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Mr Sadashivan,
             I appreciate your ideas on connection of terrorism with
poverty. However, do you realize that in order to attack and terrorize
people you need weapons! Thus, "rich" people like Osama Bin Laden who
fund those attacks are the "origin" of terrorism. The reason they can
justify those attacks is because we refuse to see exactly what they
are, "evil". If "intellectual" people instead keep on saying that these
terrorist are actually fighting for justice then they get encouraged.
Osama Bin Laden and Taliban got lots of encouragement from
intellectuals from all over the world. The Wire News Agency "Reuters"
refused to call Sept. 11 attackers as "terrorists". Some intellectuals
and media analysts called those attackers as "brave". Some people tried
to justify those attacks as a legitimate response to US heagemony. This
is terrible and unacceptable! Also, in this particular case of Sept. 11
attacks there was in fact no link to poverty. Most of the Sept. 11
attackers were from Saudi Arabia. To call these poor will be an insult
to the word poor. The terrorists who are causing terror in Kashmir can
hardly be described as poor. They are sophisticated, well armed, and
very motivated. Poor people can engage in petty crimes for sake of
survival. But to be able to kill thousands of innoncent civilians
require great motivatation either religious or economic! The economic
motivation is provided by so called intellectuals who constantly harp
on widening gap between rich and poor and western imperalism. Combine
religous motivation with the constant cherring on by the intellectuals
and you get a perfect and heady mixture of terrorism. China is a
communist country with lots of poor people. Why isn't it experiencing
terrorism on the scale witnessed by democratic countries like India, US
and others? Because terrorists know the consequences! Why doesn't
terrorist target Saudi Arabian princes? Aren't they rich? Aren't they
committing atrocities? Why doesn't Osama Bin Laden recruit poor people
of Iraq and ask them to kill Saddam Hussein and loot his wealth? Why
target America, why India, why Israel? I believe the motivation is
purely religious and hatred of western values like democracy,
secularism, and freedom and that's all! We should call spade a spade! 

Ashish K Hanwadikar

--- Sadashivan <global@del2.vsnl.net.in> wrote:
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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate
> it!
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> IPI_Marker
>   A difference of ideas, opinions is opposition. When attempted to =
> thwart the opposite opinion, and disappointed by existing set up =
> opposition seeks public support as no objective of fight back is =
> achieved without mass support. Normally In order to achieve public =
> support two different types of methods are adopted.
>   1.. This method generally a fight for the society's causes that is
> =
> unrecognized by existing set up. In order to get the causes
> recognized =
> peaceful disobedience is observed. Best example, Mahatma Gandhi and =
> Nelson Mandela took a step, which was positive revolution, though, =
> uncomfortable for then British regime. Most of their life made jails
> as =
> their homes self-persecution and sacrifice but momentum of society =
> support was immense as cause was for major percentage of society that
> =
> created one of the highest revolutions. This method is weapon of word
> =
> and disobedience though is slow yet very effective to interact with =
> masses, inspires masses to support revolt. I call positive
> revolution.=20
>   2.. On the other hand negative methods are used to terrorize
> society =
> in order to gain support are for causes which opposition feels is
> cause =
> that society should accept and follow. This type of revolt comes into
> =
> existence when both category accepter and non-accepters comprise the
> =
> society.  Rather support from limited members, which are to be forced
> on =
> society to follow. Certain sections they choose by inspiring them to
> =
> join by their teaching and other incentives, this section is normally
> =
> poor and uneducated class. Terrorizing methods are used to make =
> non-accepters to agree if not die or leave. In this case major =
> percentage of non-accepters leave the society in fear of terror and =
> opposition gets full support from remaining members of society. =
> Sacrificing and persecuting others achieve this objective.  To my =
> opinion this is TERROR-ISM and negative revolution. Who create to =
> achieve objective and gather mass support by terror are terrorists.
> =20
> Intensity of terrorisms and their activities succeed in the
> countries, =
> which have high rate of poverty, high percentage of illiteracy and =
> unemployment. Poor needs food and clothing, illiterate and unemployed
> =
> needs source of income and terrorisms need support from deprived mass
> =
> and people for sourcing income (through illegal sources as legal
> source =
> is not open for them) to spread campaign. For an unemployed poor
> legal =
> or illegal employment is no issue his/her issue is food and life.
> These =
> illegal activities give birth to criminal objects and corruption in
> the =
> countries.  Nearly 60% or more poor live in human world and Asia =
> dominates in this most. As Asia is now most affected of terrorism
> virus =
> and now spreading wings to other parts of the world so "Poverty" A =
> SUBJECT that is directly connected to mass support for terrorism.
> Large =
> scale of terrorism spread in the world is alarming and World should
> give =
> alleviation of poverty as priority. World should work on generating =
> employment that will not only increase the employment but will also
> help =
> in generating demand for consumer products. I have also flashed my =
> opinion of poverty in below mentioned web site. I shall be grateful
> if =
> you click and give your comments.
> html
> =20
> best regards
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> http://community.webshots.com/user/sada154

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