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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


  A difference of ideas, opinions is opposition. When attempted to =
thwart the opposite opinion, and disappointed by existing set up =
opposition seeks public support as no objective of fight back is =
achieved without mass support. Normally In order to achieve public =
support two different types of methods are adopted.

  1.. This method generally a fight for the society's causes that is =
unrecognized by existing set up. In order to get the causes recognized =
peaceful disobedience is observed. Best example, Mahatma Gandhi and =
Nelson Mandela took a step, which was positive revolution, though, =
uncomfortable for then British regime. Most of their life made jails as =
their homes self-persecution and sacrifice but momentum of society =
support was immense as cause was for major percentage of society that =
created one of the highest revolutions. This method is weapon of word =
and disobedience though is slow yet very effective to interact with =
masses, inspires masses to support revolt. I call positive revolution.=20
  2.. On the other hand negative methods are used to terrorize society =
in order to gain support are for causes which opposition feels is cause =
that society should accept and follow. This type of revolt comes into =
existence when both category accepter and non-accepters comprise the =
society.  Rather support from limited members, which are to be forced on =
society to follow. Certain sections they choose by inspiring them to =
join by their teaching and other incentives, this section is normally =
poor and uneducated class. Terrorizing methods are used to make =
non-accepters to agree if not die or leave. In this case major =
percentage of non-accepters leave the society in fear of terror and =
opposition gets full support from remaining members of society. =
Sacrificing and persecuting others achieve this objective.  To my =
opinion this is TERROR-ISM and negative revolution. Who create to =
achieve objective and gather mass support by terror are terrorists.

Intensity of terrorisms and their activities succeed in the countries, =
which have high rate of poverty, high percentage of illiteracy and =
unemployment. Poor needs food and clothing, illiterate and unemployed =
needs source of income and terrorisms need support from deprived mass =
and people for sourcing income (through illegal sources as legal source =
is not open for them) to spread campaign. For an unemployed poor legal =
or illegal employment is no issue his/her issue is food and life. These =
illegal activities give birth to criminal objects and corruption in the =
countries.  Nearly 60% or more poor live in human world and Asia =
dominates in this most. As Asia is now most affected of terrorism virus =
and now spreading wings to other parts of the world so "Poverty" A =
SUBJECT that is directly connected to mass support for terrorism. Large =
scale of terrorism spread in the world is alarming and World should give =
alleviation of poverty as priority. World should work on generating =
employment that will not only increase the employment but will also help =
in generating demand for consumer products. I have also flashed my =
opinion of poverty in below mentioned web site. I shall be grateful if =
you click and give your comments.



best regards
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