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Arundhati Roy on Juriprudence

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Look at the article "War Is Peace" by Arundhati Roy at

"The UN, reduced now to an ineffective abbreviation, wasn't even asked
to mandate the air strikes. (As Madeleine Albright once said, "The US
acts multilaterally when it can, and unilaterally when it must.") The
'evidence' against the terrorists was shared amongst friends in the
'Coalition'. After conferring, they announced that it didn't matter
whether or not the 'evidence' would stand up in a court of law. Thus,
in an instant, were centuries of jurisprudence carelessly trashed."

Wow! When was the last time a court of law was used to try terrorists 
who killed 3000 people? Just show, damn it! If this attack would have
been on India (God forbid) would she have suggested a court of law to
try the offence? And how can a court of law try an offence which was
planned and funded from an area totally outside its jurisdiction?

Another great insight from Arundhati Roy "People rarely win wars,
governments rarely lose them". I can list following wars in which a
Govt. lost 
1) Iraq lost in Kuwait
2) Germany, Japan and Italy lost World War II
3) Pakistan lost at least 3 wars against India

and so on ...

And as for "People rarely win wars" I don't know what to make of that!
Because, if we consider revolution as "war" against tyrannical Govt.
then there is list of such wars won by people
1) American Revolution
2) French Revolution
3) Indian Freedom struggle

and so on ...

I am sure we can all list lots of such "wars" from our History books.

After reading few articles by Arundhati Roy, I feel she is lost and


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