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RE: British IT workers want Indians to go home

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


It is one thing to work for a lower wage, and another to work for a
"degrading" rate. Sir, I for one would never work for anything less than
what a Brit makes; but I can no longer do that if I have "default" Indian
price tag of 23 pounds 50 pence.

You are right absolutely right: individuals should decide how much they want
to work for; but they must think about the others in the boat. So don't work
too cheap: set some standards. We produce the world's best software; heck,
the employer better be able to compensate well for it.

You are again right: the idea behind globalization is that we shall have one
world economy: where a loaf of bread in the UK would cost the same in Papua
New Guinea. But the developing and the developed worlds should go slow on
this (and not do things in a hurry).

The developing world must raise their standards of living closer to the
developed world, and the developed world must let this happen. And when we
are more or less on par, we can integrate economies, and have one world
economy. But this is idealistic. But we can get close to it. If India,
China, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh raise their standards close to
that of, say, Singapore, then most of the world's population will be living
a good life;--where IT guys in India and Britain will be getting paid

Navin Kadambi (...Gafri is my domain id)

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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Mr. Gaffri,

Please refrain from making sweeping generalizations.
"meagre" is a relative term.  A "meagre" salary from the standpoint of
someone living in the UK, may be considered to be quite lucrative from the
standpoint of someone living in India. And, individuals are motivated by
their own self interest.

Secondly, just because "some" british workers are against Indian software
professionals, doesn't neccessarily mean that that view is shared by the
majority of british workers.

The real issue is this. If an Indian programmer is willing to work for a
lower wage than a british programmer, why is that considered to be "unfair"
competition?  Isn't that what "Free Trade", "Free Enterprise" and
"Globalization" is all about.

The Rich countries try to gain access to the product markets of Developing
countries at every WTO sesstion - yet they refuse to open their Labour
markets to Developing countries!

Why are Developing countries not pushing the rich countries harder on the
issue of Free Trade with respect to Labour?

Raju Agarwal

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