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Re: Ashish is gassing the forum....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
You are most welcome Mr. Rahul....sorry that you feel that you got gassed.
Indeed, I did say that Mr. Ashish is "gassing" which means I am focusing on
his material....

- Srinu

> Thank you for informing us Mr Srinupi. However please keep your
> disagreements focused on a person's ideas, not on the person. The real
> I received is not from Mr Ashish but from your claim that he is "gassing"
> us. If the story is still changing, please inform us which assumptions
> by Mr Ashish appear invalid to you. Which conclusions of "all sorts" as
> you claim, have been "hurriedly" drawn? This way we may focus on the
> content, not on the author. Thank you.
> Rahul Mittal

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