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Re: British IT workers want Indians to go home

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


strictly speaking, there is no way of coercing the british into accepting
indian immigrants or the other waay round (preventing indians from flying
abroad). Either of these routes will invovle a violation of the libertarian
rights , the first one of the british, the second of the indians.

And, yes - money talks, technology talks,...

get a real fat cable connecting india and britain and many of those jobs can
move over here. WE have enough people a every level of education who can
take up "virtual" jobs.

and please, i hope atleast this budget that Mr Sinha will have the wisdom to
remove the barrage of regualtions that restrict industry here itself. And
remove many aspects of law that are throttling services, tourism, etc.

Get rich in india and then  we may not have to bother about how britain or
dubai treats our emigrants - there  won't be too many.


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