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"irritants" - india problems

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Having read the list of irritants it is amazing that india has the gall to
consider itself a great nation let alone a superpower.
It is a sad fact that the left wing are responsible for so many of indias
problems, from basic amenities to their inablity to solve the numerous
security problems.
If india wants to get out of this mess it has no choice but to follow
another philosophy, one which creates a sense of purpose in its people, and
a sense of  pride.
With a sense of pride in themselves and their nation the people will want to
do what's  best for their nation, which will in  turn be in their best
Certainly this "heal the world"  mentality has not helped
india in the last fifty years, otherwise this site would not exist.
The government can not, or will not, do anything. Or the rulers are living
fifty years in the past. India needs to live in the present, learn from the
past but look to the future.
Do not wait for the government, if you are truly interested in changeing
india for the better, you will have to organise from the grass root level.
Establish your own  groups among people who want someting
If not you then who else?

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