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Re: Re: we can flush out corruption from India

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
You have put up a wish list! automation of the banking Industry isn't going
to help much in reducing corruption - it's only a peripheral fix.

that is very correct. The corrupt will find a way even in this scenario.
multiple identities are impossible to avoid until bio-metrics based
technologies are used, which have a great potential for privaxy abuse.

u have to understand how corruption works - it's sclae, reach and the levers
that operate it. without sounding condescending, a small primer on the
At the national level:

from the 2 major sources of revenue to the union government:

Customs & Central excise -to the tune of Rs. 12-15,000
Income Tax    - Rs.15,000 crores
Transport sector - approximately 2 millions trucks on Indian roads -
approximately - Rs.14,000 crores per year

good you metioned this. I have again and again said that income and sales
taxes are difficult to collect and are prone to corruption. they also
distort the economy if implemented properly. Tax LAND and you will have
fewer problems.

what we need are fundamental governance reforms to eliminate and curtail
these sources of corruption.


local self govewnment and the land tax. thats all thats needed


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