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Editorial- Court Of Hope-Times of India friday 13 April 01-do see

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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
A devoted group of Professors of IIM, Ahmedabad formed an Association for
Democratic Reforms (ADR)& filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in Nov
1999 in Delhi High Court (DHC)for purer  Legislators & thereby
Governance-landmark judgment of DHC by Justices Anil Dev Sharma & Dr MK
Sharma CWP No 7257 of 2 Nov 1999 was supported by Mr HD Shourie, Common
Cause-Goodness & `tatv' of the judgment,under the caption ` For Purity in
Public Life, elect Legislators only on Merit'
was published in Times of India on 20 Dec 2000.

The 2 Nov 99 judgment sought that persons seeking Legislative positions must
additionally file an affidavit to the Election Commission stating their
assets,credibility for seeking public office including whatever be their
educational qualifications & whether criminally convicted anytime-the
Election Commission were directed to make this information available to the
voter though print & electronic media.

Realising the significance & trickle down good effect of this valuable
judgment-it would automatically result in the path to purer Governance- NGO
groups,PUCL editor,spirited indivisuals have actively supported the
implementation of the judgment-it got wide support- Tehelka revealed the
obvious-Govt has unfortunately filed a Special Leave Petition (SLP),C No 737
of 2001 seeking Interim Relief which stalls implementation-this comes up for
consideration in latter half of April 01- corrections & purer Governance is
a crying need by Indians.

Present status- without any prejudice-that a well intentioned group of 10
have written to PM
Vajpayeeji an open letter- to reconsider acceptance of the judgment &
dropping the SLP-it will change the direction & destiny for all- lead to
betterment of life for our children.

To: PM Atal Behari Vajpayeeji
> Respected Honorable Prime Minister,
> We write to you as a group of very concerned
> citizens.
> People today consider governance as uncaring &
> unresponsive; you can
> dramatically alter this perception by:
> 1 Implement the promises to cleanse governance
> stated in Mandate 26 of your
> NDA Agenda.
> Delhi High Court landmark Judgment CWP 7257 of 1999
> is a ready made starting
> point in the
> process of cleansing up of legislators. However, we
> are disappointed that
> the statutory effect is being diluted by the
> Government by filing a SLP
> resisting & stalling implementation of this valuable
> order.
> Over the last three weeks people have visibly seen
> the wrongs in public
> life.
> We strongly urge that the Government withdraw the
> SLP so as to signal its
> seriousness & commitment to integrity in public
> life. Any move other than
> this will give further wrong signals
> to the citizens who are watching each of your moves,
> more closely than ever
> before.
> 2  Remind Govt Servants of  Conduct Rules 1964 &
> your citizens. Make these
> rules known through print and electronic media,
> repeating the exercise at a
> regular frequency.
> 3  Govt employment is far too secure and there is no
> effective deterrent
> against corruption or bad performance. Change the
> cosy 'job for life'
> conditions making dismissal possible with forfeiture
> of pension rights in
> severe cases.
> Right now you have an ideal opportunity to make
> bold commitments to cleanse
> the system and  thereby improve your party's image.
> It is an opportunity not to be passed by.
> From concerned citizens & sincere well wishers:
> mabtan@vsnl.com
> promod_chawla@netkracker.com
> majadhun@vsnl.com
> shankar_ghose@hotmail.com
> askari@rediffmail.com
> premjha@del2.vsnl.net.in
> paul@unv.ernet.in
> kamal_sharma50@yahoo.com
> tarasinha@yahoo.com
> anant_t@hotmail.com

PS : Above letter appeared under Letters to the Editor in Times of India of
11 April 01.
Our next move is to have an elocution context-scheduled for 22 May 01 @
hall 6.30pm India Habitat Centre on:Eradicating Corruption
                                    What should be done over the next 100
4 Students speak,prizes to best speaker & written suggestion from audience-
IIM Ahemadabad, Delhi chapter Alumni initiative on Good Governance.Do come.

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