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Re: we can flush out corruption from India

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Here is my two paise worth for eliminating corruption in India.

Institute special courts for speedy trial of corrupion by government 
officials and politicians. Limit appeal to only once to the highest court. 
Time limit of three months to complete the trials and appeals.

If after due legal process a government official or an elected representative 
is found guilty of substantive corruption or abuse of power involving say 
more than 1 lakh rupees there should be a mandatory prison time of five years 
and the jail time increasing as the amount of money involved increases.

Make a few examples, put fear into the minds of the big corrupt and the small 
people will come in line in no time.

Chasing Narsimha Rao around for 5 years and Jaylalitha for about as long and 
getting them 3 years in prison each, which will probably never be 
implemented, is pretty dumb for us as a country. Compare this with the fact 
that a layman can be technically put in jail for 7 years for carrying a stick 
under the Arms Act. These and other similar people should have been 
investigated and tried within matter of months and by now should have been 
locked up for the rest of their lives with keys thrown into the Bay of 
Bengal. Corruption would have been solved by now.

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