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what a shame?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
It is very painful. It's a great shame .
That Fifteen of our Soldiers were Massacred, Tortured 
and there is NO Strong, befitting reaction from Government. 
Not even from Press. All the reports in press appear 
akin to a weather bulletin.
Some times I feel is there any Govt worth it's name ?
Why should they blaber friendly country etc even on
 this moment? Is there a referance in prime minister 
of Bangladesh' web site that India is its friendly country?. 
Where is a stern warning and a stern enough reaction.
The fifteen families must be regretting now
for chosing to join their dear ones in BSF. Not because they died,
but because there is no grace.. no respect for their lost lives.

Can you think there will be such a country any where whose
leaders, army chiefs say we have recaptured that place, BDF had to 
retreat bla bla and not react strong enough for torture of 15 Javans?
Why not our people learn from Chinese, Israelies atleast when
they themselves do know how to react ? 
It is not the stunt of a defence minister to
go every to ice cold sieachen that is required.
It is proper clothing, proper guns for Kargil like heroes
and proper planning, statesmanship.
Some how everybody is mum as if the country is going to Dogs.

What ever their eccentricities, at times like this, lalloo Yadavs,
Thakkares and Jaya Lalitas seem better able to handle the
situation. Even if it means gutting the village which turned in
to torture our Javans.

India as a single entity has to be this weak !
How demoralising it is for our troops ?


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