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FW: Global Currency

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
        To answer Srinath's question it Seems to me some thing like Time

Zones, a quotient for Each Latitude may be assigned starting at Zero ,
equator for energy-money.
Just like all time zones converge at poles , for each longitude we cross
set watches for new time.Same way If new money has to account for
cold/tropic regions, such quotient might help. To put it simply, I will
able to buy 10 KCal worth for 10 Rs if I am at equator but will be able
by some 20 or 25 KCal worth at Norway-Sweden. Same way If I transfer 10
from eqator to Sweden, it should automatically register 20 Rs there.
If THAT is not practical , then will the energy-money hypothesis lead to

large scale Migration towards equator ? (Even in theory :).



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