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Re:Global Currency

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
        Prakash Chandra Sekhar wrote :

        <<Mr Rao,
                We can use the standard Joule or calorie for that. But
problem with E-Rs seems to be that X money/currency = "value" of Y
joules/caloris in a standard process.Here we end upin a bind about the
concept of value. Value is defined by currency which is defined by
value. A
regressive problem. Instead it would
> be better to use the straight out term
> X money = Y calories. Or to make things most clear as all scientific
> processes do
> 1 Energy rupee = Y calories of energy "in a standard process".
> please explain this standard process, Mr Max V. It would really be
> helpful.>>
        I tend to agree with Prakash's Equation. But Pertinant question
Srinath is yet unanswered. How can we account for Cold vs Tropics'
consumption disparity ?


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