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Re: Death of Dewang Mehta is not death of India!

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Not even by a long-shot.  I do not know Mr. Mehtha nor
would I want to wish death upon him in anyway.  But
the reaction to his death is the typical sentiment
expressed by many Indians.  We are always looking for
a savior, some sahib, to descend upon us and save us
from the evil world.  No wonder we have more Temples
than Laboratories!!  This kind of myopic indulgence is
what is destroying India - please wake up!

Also, I would like to politely disagree with Mr.
Krishnan's statments as follows:

NRIs didn't loose faith in India and "run away";
rather, many of them sold themselves to the highest
bidder because they, like many Resident Indians,
believe that it is the only way they can enhance their
personal wealth and status!!

As for the thugs, they seem to live longer only
because we let them and we have no inclination nor the
determination to fight them with a long-term strategy!
 Take the ceasefire in Kashmir as one example; where
the only ones that will benefit from it are the
militants who will use the time to regroup, enhance
their supply lines, and attack the army again next

As for China, they think of India as a child that is
not worthy of any comment or attention - after all we
do look for the Sahibs to come and save us.  So, don't
think that the Chinese or anyone else are in anyway
paying any attention to us or what happens in our

- The Inquisitor

--- Krishnan Kandasamy <nkandasamy@hotmail.com> wrote:
> http://www.dewangmehta.com/
> Seems like the few people who actually believe in
> doing something good for 
> India are going to heaven sooner. (Kumaramangalam,
> for his efforts in 
> transforming the power sector)
> and all the people who have lost faith in India are
> going abroad. and Thugs 
> seem to live a long political life..
> Sad day for India.
> I can hear the Chinese giggling.

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