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Muslims in High Offices in India

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
           A fundamentalist Muslim claims that in India Muslims are
        systematically discriminated against.  I need to respond to him.
        In India Muslims have served in such high positions as
        president, vice-president, foreign minister, chief justice of
        the supreme court, chief of air staff, governors of many states
        and chief ministers of many states.  I need to know their names,
        the positions they served into, and the years in the following

           Zakir Husain         - President - 1967 TO 1969
           Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed - President - 1974 TO 1977

           Muslims are in the majority in dozens of countries around the
        world.  I don't think that many non-Muslims have served in such
        high positions in any of those countries.  I would appreciate
        your assistance.

           -- Biswanath

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