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Re: Defence Deals

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

> From: Anant Trivedi <anant_t@hotmail.com>
> What people at the indiapolicy.org should start debating is: what is the
> solution to India's problem - corruption, malaise etc. We have all debated
> various topics far too long. Now the time is here to debate the way
> rather than keep on "complaining" about our problems.
> Unless popular opinion is mobilised against our present legislators and
> parliamentarians, nothing is going to happen!
> think about it!

Nice attempt to put all blame/responsibility *only*
on the politicians, discussions on IPI has brought to
light the fact that, lots of the bad policy that has been
implemented in last 53 years happened because of the
bureaucracy, they have to share equal responsibility.

Many of the people who got into the bureaucracy claiming
they are of superior intelligence/knowledge has exposed
themselves as absolute mediocre people, who lack vision.
They have proved many times (eg. enron power project)
they cannot even do simple arithmetics properly.

We have to educate the talent pool in our villages
and recruit better quality bureaucrats who can at least
follow simple logic and do arithmetics properly.

We have to make our bureaucrats/politicians understand
that acting selfishly and short sightedly, they are
jeopardising the  development of India and prosperity
of their own children/grand children because many of these
children has to work as service providers, entrepreneurs.
If they need to prosper people in our villages has to have
better buying power, to buy their services. For this the
people in the villages need to improve their productivity
and language/communication skills to market their products
in India and globally, which is only possible with proper
education. The same quality of education provided to the
children of the bureaucrats need to be provided to the
children in our villages also then only the children
of the bureaucrats can prosper........

> From: "MV"
>  > From: Padmanabha Rao
>  >
>  > On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Lavlesh Lamba wrote:
>  >  Corruption is Corruption no matter who finds it out , What differance
>  >  will make if it was me or you.
>  >
>  > The existence of corrupt elements in the government is common
>  > That's a systemic problem in need of a solution.  What is not common
>  > knowledge is the identity of those elements.
> The identity of these elements are quite easy, more than
> 50% of the Govt employees in the top level bureaucracy
> comes from certain communities which constitute less than
> 5% of the population of India, so this is very small group
> of people who are injecting the venom of corruption into the
> Indian society, the entire society is suffering from the
> selfishness, greed and anti-social (against the majority
> society/people) behaviour of this small group of people.
> The defence establishments are *prime* candidates for
> large scale corruption, you will understand this if
> you have ever walked into the officers mess of any
> defence establishment.
>  > I think it makes a difference
>  > which of these two aims was the dotcom's. If it was to merely bring
>  > evidence, in a/v, about a corrupt government machinery it needn't have
>  > bothered really. If it was about identifying some of the corrupt public
>  > servants in the machinery then it has been a commendable job. We should
>  > request the dotcom to release the unedited 100 hours of a/v it taped
>  > allow the citizenry to see/hear it and congratulate the investigators.
> And
>  > perhaps tell us, before the government does, why it might have been
>  > hounded by the IB sometime ago.
>  >
>  >

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