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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
It is a senseless exercise.The CVC is probably throwing his hands in air 
& saying look I can not help even when I know they are corrupt.

I have a great respect for Mr Vittal.However mere outcries at public 
functions is not going solve any problem.Instead he should direct 
CBI/ITax  to check the assets of just 1% of the people & their families 
who are listed.This would scare them endless.

I remember he had once said that he would bring the India's rating on 
corrupt countries from 72 to 30 during his tenure.I donot think he can 
even bring it down by 5 points.We probably need iron handed CVC to 
handle such affairs.

The problem lies with our judiciary also.Why should we be ruled by 
corrupt people.Why can't the chief justice give a directive to all 
courts to conduct trials against the elected,selected politicians or 
bureaucrat on day to day basis if there are  any criminal charges 
pending against them.The chief justive should also direct that the 
judgement for such case can only be give after approval by high courts 
so that the courts are not unduly influenced by such people.This would  
deter  criminals to file nominations.

Finally,it is senseless exercise on your & my part that we are debating 
the subject on which every politicians & bureaucrats know the disgust 
the people have for them.However so long as there is nothing to question 
them;why not join the loot India movement. We will be ruled by sukhrams, 
laloos & bangarus so long as our judiciary does not take an active role 
in containing this rot.

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