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Govt run schools.....

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Hi All,

Read this story about govt closing 2000+ schools
in karnataka, the story is not different in other
parts of India.


It is becoming absolutly clear that parents who can
afford it, send their children to better run private 

Why should govt directly run the schools, govt 
should give the funds to the village panchayat, let 
a committe of parents of school going children run 
the schools they will know what is best for their
own children. 

Why don't the upper class bureaucrats/politicians 
understand that the prosperity of their own children
whom they send to the best private english medium
schools are *directly dependent* on the  prosperity 
of the children who study in the village schools.

When will this people learn from 3000+ years of 
history....... When will this people understand,
they cannot build a pyramid upside down....... 


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