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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

prakash chandrashekar wrote:

> I believe that the fairest form of tax is a tax on the rent of lands,
> because this is a value which is not created by the individual. It is a
> value created by the society, and a fair government can collect that value
> to run its expenses ( which contributes to creating that value )

not true. just two examples to show how: i could buy barren land, and through
my efforts with fertilisers, proper agricultural methods, make the land more
fertile. i have added value to the land. i could buy an old building, renovate
it, -- i have added value to the building.

> here is a speech by winston churchill made against land monopoly ( got it
> from www.progress.org). please make time to peruse thro' it.

there are quite a few fallacies that churchill propagates, maybe another email
to decribe them.


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