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One more addendum

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
New para entitled is sought to be introduced:

ELIMINATION of poverty:

*	All citizens of India will compulsorily have to file their income tax
return failing which punitive proceedings would be initiated including
imprisonment upto three years. The citizen ID number will be used to
computerize all returns.

*	All families with a declared (and randomly verified) annual income below
the poverty line prevailing in that year, based on the number of members of
family, would be directly funded through an electronic bank transer within
3 days of their filing tax return, to cover their deficit in income. In
other words, the principle of negative income tax would completely
substitute all useless and corruption-riddled schemes such as Rural
development programmes, etc., which have merely made officials and
politicians rich at the expense of the poor. All such useless departments
would be shut down immediately with minimal compensation. Only test relief
under the Relief Acts would continue through the Deputy Commissioners to
protect the lives of the poor in cases of famine, floods, etc.

*	The poverty line would be increased in line with the per capita growth
rate achieved by the economy as well as adjusted for inflation.

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