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for manifesto 4 addenda

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
FOUR addenda proposed:


1.	Privatization

Existing para:
"We have to privatize nationalized and other public sector industries,
especially in the non-defence related sectors in the first phase, so that
these organizations are brought in check by market forces. This will give
people better control over their destiny. It will promote competitive and
risk-taking behavior which is necessary if the output of the nation is to
grow. In particular, government ownership in the following sectors would
be fully dissolved, or sharply reduced: telecommunications, media
(television, radio and print), all metal production and associated
industries, power generation and distribution ( state electricity boards),
automobiles, cement industry, banking, insurance, fertilizer production,
city waste management services, etc." 

Addendum proposed at the end of this para:

In particular, as far as railways is concerned, individual trains (with
rakes) will be sold to diverse private parties who would be able to charge
rates as per competitive needs. The railways will maintain the track,
signalling system, and security, and charge a user fee to the private
owners of trains.


10.	Prudent fiscal policies      


"The central and state budgets would be brought into balance and attempts
will be made to create a surplus and retire the national debt."

Addendum proposed:

b) The equity and assets of states will be determined under the
Premchand-Subroto Roy methodology of commercial accounting of public
finance, and states with consistently better performance will be placed on
a higher credit-rating scale, apart from giving a higher devolution of tax
funds. All states governments will be required to publish their balance
sheets in the newspapers each year.

c) Income tax slabs including deductions will be pegged to inflation to
dissipate the urge of businesses to inflate.

d) The Railway budget, as a separate entity, will be scrapped.

Pl. approve.


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