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Re Education

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

		What India claims in response to accusations of child labour
in WTO forums
	should be compatible with what is its domestic policy towards how a
child's time is managed .
	Whether it is  primary education or work !

		Police, Prisons may not be necessary to begin with but
pursuation alone would 
	suffice to solve it for good part . It is 'policy'  first .
Implementation next .
	 Failure in capturing Veerappan doesnot facilitate lenience towards
poachers .
	 The whole machinery works towards capturing him. Let it take
decades - thats because of policy !

	 	With policy, there will be 'focus' on its implementation -
by local polity, press, govt machinery
	all will get involved.. may be a pilot project in a chosen district
should work as torch bearer .
	I think first two steps of pursuation alone , given by Umesh , in
such pilot project will work.



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