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RE:Umesh's proposal on compulsion

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Dear Sanjeev, 

I will quote your response in no specific order, and try to respond.

Your concluding lines first :
".....If this conclusion is still disputed, please speak up; else, the use
of theword 'compulsory education' will not be discussed further for at least
ahundred years, while the first three tasks above are first taken up....."
Well, you asked ppl to speak up, and fortunately I was able to find time to
read and respond, "or else" this subject would be sealed for one hundred
year, that is beyond my lifetime. I understand it could be sickening to keep
repeating the same arguments again and again without being able to make much
progress. But please remember, it could be the same frustration on the part
of those who don't agree with you. Therefore, I don't like this
authoritative tone on the part of one individual to say "... or else.. one
hundred years...". I assume you said so out of shear frustration, and didn't
really mean to stifle the debate, the member's right to raise this issue.
"According to you in order for ourdesire to see educated (basically
half-educated) children roaming thecountryside as ropemakers and farmers or
as slum-dwellers and pettythieves,..."
What's wrong with having ropemakers and farmers educated enough to read and
write, know a little bit about our society, nation, history and culture.
What's wrong with letting them know why they vote and what that means to
 "...the parents of such children - fully enfranchised citizens, shouldbe
put into jail....."
How do you define "fully enfranchised" four year old?
 "..It is a crime, in your view, MORE serious than the croresof rupees worth
of corruption done by some of our senior leaders whom ourcourts after
spending hundreds of millions of rupees on enquiries,travelling all over the
world, specially Europe, at public expense, findthem 'not guilty' while all
the time, on a day to day basis, we see the results of their actions in
government. They steal public funds meant forroads, school buildings, houses
for the poor; virtually everything; and getaway merrily because we apply the
'highest' standards of evidence in theircase. ..."
Mr. Sablok, you are again mixing issues so badly that it doesn't make any
sense to talk one specific policy matter. You tend to ignore the
constructive parts out of the proposals that I have made, which clearly
gives enough options for local legislators to address genuine economic
concerns and give multiple venues to address any other legitimate concerns
of the parents. After having addressed any and all legitimate concerns of
the parents, if the system provides the very basic protection to a four year
old child, essentially the future of the nation, you have a problem with
that, and you want to wait to solve all other problems of the nation before
you will have time to look into this matter. I am sorry, Dr. Sablok, we will
never agree to discuss anything further on this matter.
"..But for the poor, we have no such standards..."
Simply because you know there are so many rich and powerful "corrupt" people
going unpunished, you want to go easy on "poor"? Who else do you want to
spare Dr. Sablok in your system of governance? Where do you draw the line? I
am sorry, this is not talking policy but giving vent to personal
"...I might be willing to support that stage of coercion in favour
ofhalf-baked education..."
How do you define "half-baked" education for a four year old? What do you
mean? How do you intend to fix it in your "free market" concept?
".. IF and only IF you first ensure that the adults whocommit henious crimes
in India are ALL fully imprisoned first. All rapists,murderers, MLAs with
criminal backgrounds, leaders with crores stashed inSwiss accounts,
businessmen who have bribed their way to 'success,' etc. etc...."
Sorry, Dr. Sablok, you are going to have to wait till Satyuga arrives in
India (on its own) before you turn your attention to the children of India.
Obviously, you are free to believe what you like, I belong to the kind who
believe in taking action where action is required, and not tying too many
things together and delivering results, and making progress one step at a
time, that way ensuring better future for all while holding everyone to the
same high standard. 
"... You equate the economic compulsion of a poor parent (or a disenchanted
one)with crimes of a very serious nature. .."
You got me wrong Dr. Sablok. At no place did I say that parents ought to be
punished for their poverty. If you take some time and read again what I
said, you will find that I clearly said it would be the responsibility of
local city administration to address the issues of the inability of the
parents to pay the enrollment fee or other such genuine economic concerns of
the parents. Moreover, none of the genuinely explainable cases would send
the parents towards legal action, but allow various institutions such as the
school board as well as the city administration help them out. It is only in
cases where their delinquency causes the child the deprivation of his/her
primary education. 
I refuse to respond to your "disenchanted" argument about a four year old
child. This language does not belong in policy making, you should know
"..I deny this equation completely. Ivote against this harsh punishment on
the poor when the CORRUPTEST OF THECORRUPT are still out of jail...."
You are free to vote whatever way you like, but the arguments you give seem
silly to me, where you seem to suggest that you will think about children's
rights only when all of those you are mad at will get punishment. Good luck
to you sir.
".. Economic decisions taken within a family(the basic unit of human life)
are NOT justiciable in the courts, even ifsome fancily educated folk sitting
in USA or Delhi might wish to see suchdecisions go a particular way..."
Primary education to a child is not the economic decision of parents and
family, but it is a right of every child. If you don't buy that, then I am
sorry, we spent so much time and energy for nothing. 

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