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Re: Zoning laws

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The supreme court has asked civic authorities in New
Delhi to remove all the slums and stop their further
growth in the city. The court has also asked the
authorities to implement 10 directives aimed at better
hygiene and environment. The authorities are supposed
to file a complience report in eight weeks. The courts
have also asked the authorities to impose a penalty of
Rs 50 on persons found littering.

" On the mushrooming growth of the slums, the court
said `establishment or creating of slums... appears to
be good business and is well organised... Large areas
of public land, in this way, are usurped for private
use free of cost. Its difficult to believe that this
can happen in the Capital without passive or active
connivance of the land owning agencies an/or the
municipal authorities'. "

" The judges noted that `the promise of free land, at
the taxpayers' cost, in place of a jhuggi, is a
proposal which attracts many land grabbers. Rewarding
an encroacher on public land with free alternate site
is like giving a reward to a pickpocket'. "

I think this is the right thing to do because a few
years back the Maharashtra government provided one
bedroom appartments to people living in the slums in
Bombay. The aim was to get rid of the slums. But the
people who were supposed to live in the appartments
sold them off or rented them to others to make money
and they went back to living in the slums.

More about the Supreme Court judgement can be found

SC fixes civic code: No slums, no littering 


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