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re:half-baked Education

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

"....so-called education is meaningless in the presence of bad economic
You and I completely agree on this point. Free market and trade, absolutely
YES. Anything that lessens control from government and bureaucracy and
encourages free business enterprise and thereby helps generate jobs and
wealth for the local people, there should not be much disagreement, but
blaming education system for the problem is like fixing the blame on
anything you could lay your eyes on. Sure there are problems with the
existing education system and that's why there is so much talk and so much
scope of improvement. 
Is the education system responsible for perpetuating bureaucratic control on
every walk of life or socialism or terrorism or rampant poverty? I think
not. It certainly has failed to educate people to be free and enterprising
citizens, but to say that the education system is responsible for the
problems you listed is a bit of stretch. 

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