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To the PM of India

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Writing to the Prime Minister

About a fortnight back just after the opening of websight pmindia.nic.in =
I wrote in my suggestions. Other than the electronic automatic response =
of 'thank you' nothing heard from the august office so far. The comments =
that I had sent were on the post of state Governors.

The constituent assembly while deliberating on various aspects of the =
Constitution of India took quite some time on this. The Governor's post =
being ornamental it need not be vested with too many powers,the =
constituent assembly felt. Since one constantly hears that India is a =
poor country or too many people are below poverty line I felt it was =
only right to suggest to the top man to dispose off these expensive =
ornaments. 25 Governors with hardly a productive activity( I do not =
thing administering oath to CM or addressing the assembly session are =
such that entails a full time occupant in every state's Raj Bhavan. Vice =
President or CJs of respective High courts can fulfil these =
responsibilities.) How many thousands of crores of prime real estate =
property is locked up in catering to the needs of just 25 persons. Time =
that all this property be put to auction and the proceeds is used for =
developmental work.

May I request all those on IPI who support the idea to storm PMO's =
websight adding their more elaborate views.

Thank you,

Raju Bharatiya

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