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Our 'lust' to educate the poor (and spare the rich!)

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From: Vamsi Musunuru <vamsi@siliconcorp.com>
>     As for the "poor" people, they can't buy things
because they don't
> jobs.  So, remove the obstacles for creating jobs.

> Isn't the Government not out to take advantage of
the poor
> through > corruption, etc.?  Then, where is the
check on its power?

v. well said. In this subdivision where I work now as
Observer, 27 -
obviously poor - naxalite (Maoist) supporters have
been jailed till tomorrow
after the elections, who were potential disrupters of
the elections. The
cause of their boycotting elections is very obvious.
You and I too, would,
if you lived the way these folks do.

If a top political leader is only arrested (not even
jailed) the entire
country trembles. Remember Indira Gandhi in 1977 (or
was it 1978?)? The
powerful do not get jailed easily. 100 top lawyers run
to their rescue. They
are given 6 hours to pack up their suitcases and given
a VIP rest house with
airconditioners as jail. The poor are picked up like
goats and animals and
herded in the back of a truck and dumped into wretched
jails on the
slightest suspicion. And shot like ducks in a shooting

Compel the corrupt and powerful to be honest, if you
advocates of compulsion
dare! I demand the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT to honest
leadership. Please put it
into the Constitution and enforce it if you have the

Why chase after the blood of the poorest of the poor?
Why do you torture the
poor in the name of improving them, and spare the
rascals and corrupt?
Simply because they are your brethren, living in big
houses in big cities
and the poor are anonymous fools who apparently do not
know what is best for
them? HOW very convenient!

I know that most of you do not know the implications
of your argument, but
this is what it amounts to: sheletering the rich, the
rascals and the
corrupt,  and torturing the poorest of the poor. In
your 'hunger' to provide
half-baked education to the poor, you forget the CAUSE
of this poverty.

Given this reality -- of the poorest of the poor being
jailed - mostly on
unsustaiable charges - and frequently tortured /
extorted of their little
savings, with their wives mistreated and children left
orphans -- WHY would
I ever support compulsion on poor parents for
education? I would rather
compel every political leader to publish his/ her
property returns and tax
statements, would rather pay teachers who work in
remote areas Rs. 50,000 a
month, and teachers in Calcutta and Delhi Rs. zero per
month, and so on. You
get my point?

I HATE this business of troubling the poor whose lives
are already a burden
of misery untold. Come with me to the villages and get
a reality check on
the problems of the poor.

And btw, WHERE is the exact law on compulsion that I
asked for, weeks ago?
Please tell me precisely WHAT any of you mean by
compulsion. How will I
implement it tomorrow if I were in charge of Education
in my state? Just
like Universal Civil Code, this is so much shallow
rhetoric without any

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