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Fw: Zoning laws

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Forwarding an excellent response obtained thro' Shri S.V. Raju.  The
response was from a senior retired officer. I thank Sh. Raju for this, and
if he permits, I will disclose the identity of this fine gentleman for
members of IPI debate.

It is a good idea for us to compile and publish all land zoning regulations
of India on IPI's site. People can send to me. I'll try to scan and put up
these regulations. For Meghalaya in particular, I hope their Urban deptt.
can get their documents up quickly.

Sent: Friday, February 11, 2000 9:26 PM
Subject: Zoning laws

> Dear Dr.Sabhlok,
> Mr.S.V.Raju has sent me your letter of the 17th January,
> although it is twenty years since I retired from service.  I did so
> from the post of Secretary, Urban Development, in the Central
> government, before which I worked in the Maharashtra government
> in the same capacity.  Consequently, Raju believes I know
> something about the subject.
> Since land is a state subject, its use can be regulated only
> under state legislation.  For their urban areas most states have
> made city/town planning laws, which enable their administrations
> to regulate land use, including zoning, in their urban areas.  In our
> state we have the Maharashtra Town Planning Act, under which
> Development Plans have been framed for the towns in the state.
> These plans prescribe the areas that can be used for residence,
> commerce, industry, recreation, etc., as well as the rules for
> building.  Without such regulation, under a specific law, it would be
> difficult to control the use of land, even though in Maharashtra the
> Land Revenue Code requires the Collector's permission before land
> is put to non-agricultural use.  Restraints under the Code would be
> arbitrary and dsicriminatory without a zoning plan, and might not
> survive a challenge in the courts.  So perhaps Meghalaya should
> enact a planning law if it does not already have one.
> I should add, however, that the existence of a Development
> Plan does not prevent the urban mess that you fear.  Just look at
> the towns in our state, which was probably the first to legislate on
> this subject, to realise how inadequate a law can be if political will
> and administrative integrity are weak.  Bombay is itself a prime
> example of urban chaos.
> I hope this is of some use to you.
> Sincerely,

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